Counselling Services 

With more than ten years experience supporting individuals and families negotiating exceptionality and challenges related to development, I provide direct counselling services in a strengths based, solution focused framework. I am able to work with families, couples as well as individuals. I believe in starting where the client is and will spend time getting to know you.  I will seek to understand your frustrations, challenges, joys, excitements and ambitions.  Through this, we will establish realistic and meaningful goals, and I will support you, one step at a time to achieve them.  

Areas of specialty include: 

- Coping with and negotiating a diagnosis of a child, sibling, spouse or self  
- Renegotiating identity post-diagnosis
- Managing anxiety around transitions for both individuals and families
- Self-Advocacy training 
- Stress Management 

Types of Counselling

  • Counselling with Parents: When a child grows in unconventional ways, this can be challenging for parents to renegotiate what they thought would be, how they thought their life and the life of their child might play out.  My aim is to help parents renegotiate this understanding and to build confidence in their ability to understand, support and advocate for their child.  I specialized in helping families navigating a new or existing diagnosis, particularly Autism, Sensory Integration Challenges, ADHD, and other developmental disabilities. 

  • Counselling with Individuals: Being labeled as, or feeling "different" can present a unique perspective with which to view the world.  When individuals are struggling with, or wish to further explore their difference I provide a supportive and open environment to do so.  My expertise and research interests are connected to individual identity development and how people negotiate ascribed labels or diagnosis.  I have experience supporting individuals with a new diagnosis, an old diagnosis, and also how families can speak to their children or loved ones about their diagnosis.  This work is often done in combination with parent(s) and / or the whole family.  

  • Counselling with Siblings: Growing up in a house with an exceptional brother or sister can be an amazing experience.  It can shape siblings in ways that parents may never have dreamed possible.  But it can also be very challenging, embarrassing, frustrating and lonely. My work with siblings creates a safe space to share their feelings and to work towards solutions.  This work is often done in combination with parent(s) and / or the whole family.  

Fees: $65.00 per hour, sliding scale available upon request.                       Reimbursed by some private insurance plans, connect directly with your insurance company for more information.